North Dakota Vital Records Requirements and State Fees

What are the requirements to apply for a birth, death and marriage certificate in North Dakota?

In order to apply for a copy of one of the certificates online, applicants will have to prove their identity by presenting a photocopy of their ID to the North Dakota Health Department. Several documents can be used as proof of ID depending on the type of certificate they want but, commonly, people use their driving license or a state photo ID.

Why do you need a birth, death or marriage certificate?

A birth certificate is a legal document proving someone’s identity provided by their state of birth. It is required in order to prove a person identity whenever they apply to obtain lots of important documents such as:

  • A passport
  • Social security
  • Retirement
  • Employment
  • Working papers
  • School enrollment
  • A driver’s license
  • A marriage license
  • Welfare assistance
  • Veteran benefits
  • Court proceedings
  • Entrance into the Armed Forces
  • International use
  • Insurance

A marriage certificate is an official document issued by the government, stating that two people are married. It is most commonly required when someone has changed their name due to marriage and is applying for a birth certificate in order to update it. It is also commonly required when applying for a passport or dual citizenship to verify if they are indeed the same person listed on the State’s record.

A death certificate is a legal document that has been signed by a physician or a coroner, and proves someone’s death. This vital record confirms the identity of the deceased, the date and the cause of death. It is necessary to close out a person’s affairs and to claim benefits and insurance for relatives and spouses. It can also be used to complete legal procedures to ensure that the person’s death is registered.

Where can you get a vital record’s copy?

The easiest and fastest way to obtain a vital records copy is through our partner website Vital Records Online. Their team of experts will help you with your online application process, and you will have your documents directly delivered by mail.
Otherwise, you can go in person to the vital records office of the state or area you were born. This option could take some time, considering the waiting line and the paperwork.

What is the cost of a vital record’s copy?

Whenever you are ordering a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or a death certificate, Vital Records Online will charge a fee starting from $49.00 for the assistant service.
The state of North Dakota will charge an additional $15.00 fee for each certified copy of vital records, any additional copy to your order will cost $15.00.

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Birth Certificate State Fee - $15
Marriage Certificate State Fee - $15
Death Certificate State Fee - $15